Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ugly Betty and Creepy Piggy

Last night John and I went to a Halloween party at our friend's house. The hosts said that dressing up was optional. While I was opting to be boring and not dress up, John was saddened by that option.

Since I like to make John a happy John, I dressed up. To those who knew there was once a show called, "Ugly Betty", they knew I was Betty Suarez. To those who didn't know of such a show I was thought to be a tourist or an old lady.

Here I am in my Betty Suarez glory. For the party I wore a skirt because that's something Betty would do. I also ditched the teeth for the party. They're not very comfortable.

John decided that the pig mask from Saw would be a great costume. I'm scared of any Halloween mask but I thought Mr. Pig Man was especially scary.

We had a great time at the party. It was really nice to just have fun and not think about school for a night. Last week was pretty busy and slightly stressful but I finished my thesis rough draft on time. Yay. I'm almost at the finish line.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Hasn't Been the Best Month for Blogging...

I'm not done with blogging. I love blogging. It's been great with keeping my people who want to know, up to date. It's also good for my good ole memory. I periodically go through my old posts and say things like, "Oh yeah. I had forgotten about that."

I also love to read my people's blogs.

I just thought I needed to let you know what's up for me so you know that I'm not fizzling and then gone forever. This Friday (Oct. 29) my rough draft for my thesis is due. On top of that I still have an online class to work on, online posts to do (for class) and work stuff to do. It takes up a crazy amount of time.

On November 10th I have to defend my thesis. I finish everything up for my Masters in December. I promise to have lots of posts after December.

I'll post when I can but I think for the next few weeks or so I'll be much more likely to read your blogs than to post one of my own. Unless I write really, really short ones. I could do that.

Happy almost end of October.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beginning, Middle and End

The beginning of my Saturday included what all great Saturdays in my life include...a trip to Dunkin Donuts to get these little cuties. They didn't last very long. My only complaint was that they all weren't chocolate. That would have made me love them even more.

The middle of my day included a fun, fun, fun, pumpkin carving party at Natalie's. She wrote a great post about it. You can check it out here.

The end of my day included the lighting of my pumpkin, a late night dinner that I made and a huge compliment about my culinary skills from John.

I made us roast beef sliders with blue cheese crumbles and a little Ranch dressing, then put my own flavor (sauteed onions, garlic and seasoned salt) in some Tositos queso and served the queso with some Tostitos chips that I cut into the shape of footballs. Just kidding. I bought them that way.

Here's the compliment: "This meal is definitely worthy of calorie day."

Why is that such a compliment you ask? Well, Saturday is the one day a week when we get to eat whatever we want. The rest of the week we're pretty healthy. So our Saturdays usually don't include home cooking because especially John feels that home cooking can never quite be unhealthy enough. Until last night. I must say, I was pretty proud of my sliders and my doctoring of processed cheese.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Uh oh

One month from today I have my thesis defense. Oh dear. I think I need to finish it before I can defend it. This week was my fall break...ah...fall break. It would have been a perfect time for some thesis writing. Instead it was a perfect time for doing anything but thesis writing.

Here's some things I've been doing this week:

Taking a self portrait on the side of our un-made bed...

Having a Monday fun day with my buddy after picking him up from the airport...

Making my first roast. It turned out delicious...

And I purchased a big mama pumpkin for my carving extravaganza on Saturday with friends. Would it be cheating Natalie if I blinged it out with jewels instead of carving? (I saw some really cool blingy pumpkins on one of my blog friend's posts.) You can check them out here.

So I've done a minimal amount of homework but I also did things that will make the upcoming weeks a little easier. John and I have breakfast burritos for all of next week and some lunch ones too, all of our laundry is done, my teeth are clean and healthy (per my dentist) and I've made a game plan. So not all is lost.

I've also gotten to watch my ladies on the food network. I'm already making my Christmas list. I told John last night that I want a Sandra Lee Semi Homemade cookbook. I love her. I'm going to start coordinating my outfits and color scheme of our kitchen too.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

While the Cat's Away...

The mouse will go on a date...with another...woman. John is in Dallas right now with his sister. They went to one of his old friend's wedding. I'm not a co-dependent person by any means but I do prefer when John's here. Thank goodness he doesn't have to travel a lot for his job.

Going out with a friend in my thirties is much different than when I went out with friends in my early twenties. We didn't have to yell at each other to be heard, my clothes didn't smell like smoke when I got home, there was no trying to dance away from creepy guys and I got home at a very reasonable hour. I had a great time. Thanks friend.

The cat is coming home tomorrow. That makes us both very happy.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Bedroom...

It looks soooooo awesome. I'll post pictures soon. John had a vision and his vision has come to life.

It was a lovely vision.