Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Day...

I'm alive another day so it's been one more day of experiences and reflections.  Here we go...

  • Positive thinking does in fact lead to positive experiences.  However, I can only be positive for so long before my inner self wants to b!*ch slap others and say, "Come on!  Are you serious?"
  • I'm still not as organized as I want to be which means I need to either still work on my organizational skills or prioritize better.  Or have less to organize...I like that one.
  • If you eat five starbursts and then two hershey kisses, you will have the same sensation as eating a tootsie roll. 
  • People are way too serious about everything.  Sadly, I am one of those people sometimes.
  • My mouth is getting harder and harder to control.  However, I do apologize afterward...usually.  
  • I'm definitely lucky in love and in pupster...Kita is almost 14 years old and still as spry as she was when she was 8.  John and I just celebrated 12 years of marriage!!
  • Compliments are not wasted on me.  I LOVE them.  Sooooooo, my plan is to give them out more along with kudos and thank you's.  I think they make even tough things worth it.
If you're reading this post, thank you!!  You're beautiful, smart, funny and super cool!!