Saturday, October 15, 2011

The surrey bike and aircraft carrier

I wrote before how our surrey adventure was my favorite part of our trip. It was so much fun. Our hotel was on the bay side so we rode our surrey to the other side of the island so we could see the ocean.

Here she is...

During our surrey trip I frequently sang, "When I take you out in the surrey with the fringe on top!" That's the only part of the song I know so I was on repeat. John liked it but he thought I was making it up. I guess he's never seen Oklahoma...or When Harry Met Sally.

Here we are on the old aircraft carrier.

We're standing in front of the A-4 which is what John McCain used to fly. The old guy who took our picture told us that if we ever see John McCain we need to yell out, "A-4!" If we do that then he'll stop what he's doing and come talk to us.

So if we ever run into John McCain I'll be sure to not yell out A-4. Just kidding. Have you ever been on an aircraft carrier? It's pretty crazy. If you get the chance to tour one, I say go for it. Unless you're really, really claustrophobic. Then it may not be such a great idea for you.

I'm having difficulty getting the pictures from John's phone onto the computer. You'll probably be reading some random San Diego posts for a little while. These are the three pictures I was able to transfer during this sitting. It took foooorrrrreeevvvvver. So I'm done for now.

Fall Break

Last week was my fall break and for the first time since we've lived in Arizona, John took some time off during the break and we went on vacation together to San Diego. It was a fabulous time.

Most of our pictures are on John's phone so I'll show those to you guys later. Here's one from my phone on our patio. We stayed at the Marriott on Coronado Island. The bridge behind us is the bridge between San Diego and Coronado Island.

We had just had some wine so we were a little purple teethed. My teeth especially absorb red wine like nobody's business. I find it a little embarrassing.

Here's the major highlights of our trip:
Monday: Sea World

Tuesday: A surrey ride to the beach

Wednesday: Witnessing illegal octopus fishing while waiting for the ferry, the exploration of a retired aircraft carrier

Thursday: A casino stop before the trip home

The whole trip was wonderful but if I had to pick my favorite, it would be the surrey ride. The back of the surrey should have said, "The Memory Maker". Instead of, "Follow me to the Marriott."

Saturday, October 1, 2011


On Friday John and I closed on our house. The keys have been passed on to the new, very excited owners and we are now able to begin making this new place of ours a home.

All of our extra time lately has been given to getting our old house ready for the new owners. It was a beast of a job. We have so much stuff. We got rid of a lot of things but we both feel like there's so much more we can get rid of.

Goodwill is going to continue to receive a majority of their merchandise from us for a while.