Sunday, September 11, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

Friday was our anniversary. We both worked all day but after work we went to our staycation destination-The Talking Stick Resort and Casino. We LOVE staying there.

We had a great table at the Orange Sky restaurant. It was in front of a window overlooking Camelback Mountain and a lightening show. We couldn't see anyone around us because we were sectioned off with curtains.

After dinner I unbuttoned my pants and took a nap on our little sofa. Not really. That would be crazy...but it did cross my mind.

Another year, another fancy dessert with writing on the plate.

After a great evening of dinner and gaming we got to wake up to this view...

I would love to spend every weekend at a resort. That would be fabulous. Next weekend will be a much different weekend than this weekend. We've been slowly moving into our new place (still staying here though) but next Saturday the movers will be coming and taking our furniture and everything left over to the new place.

It will be a bittersweet day for sure.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Our New Digs...

On Friday John and I got the keys for our rental house. We had only seen it online so we were anxious to go check it out. We LOVE it. This will definitely do for us for awhile.

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We made several trips this weekend to unload our things. Tomorrow John is going to schedule the movers for our furniture and larger items. We're so excited to have found such a nice place to live.

Tonight on Etsy I bought a small sign to hang on the doorknob of our guest bathroom door. It says, "Hot Baths 25 cents". I also want to buy a sign to hang on our laundry room door but John and I haven't come to a complete agreement yet. He's not so into the ones that say things like, "Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow" or "Drop Your Drawers Here."

We did find this pretty sign...

We both really like it so it may beat out the others.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kita Scare

On Thursday Kita gave us the biggest scare she's given us since she's been our girl (December 1998).

When John got home from work she wasn't at the door waiting for him so he went looking for her. He found her in the backyard in the area she uses for the restroom. She wouldn't come to him. When she finally got up to walk her whole body was crooked and she was having a lot of difficulty.

I got home a little bit later to find a young guy evaluating our house (home inspector for the new owners) and John looking very relieved that I was home. He told me about Kita and we went to the bedroom where she was resting. She got up to come to me and I immediately started to cry. She looked so strange and confused. I really thought she was dying.

When the new owners came to the house to talk to the inspector, we took Kita to the animal emergency room.

This is a picture of her while we were waiting...

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See how crooked her head is? Watching her walk was like watching an extremely drunk person trying to walk in a straight line. We thought that she had a heat stroke. We were wrong, thank goodness.

The sweet, young (very young) vet said that Kita had old dog vestibular syndrome (vertigo). This goes away on its own anywhere from two days to two weeks. She ran some blood work to make sure that nothing else is going on with her and said she could go home with us. The only medication she needs right now is medication for motion sickness. That seems to be helping her a lot.

Kita is still crooked but she's getting better every day.

It's amazing how animals become part of your family. Kita is definitely a very important member of ours. I'm so happy she'll be with us for awhile longer. I'll be a basket case when she's not.