Sunday, June 26, 2011

John with Another Mare

Last weekend we went to Ruidoso, New Mexico, for a wedding. It was at a friend's property that was really lovely. It had a beautiful view of the mountains. My favorite though was John with this girl...

Looking good Johnny...and Mare.

Turning 34

A week from Monday I'll be turning 34. I know many have said it before but it's still true, I can't believe I could be on the show Thirty Something. I used to think those people were so old.

I was going to re-cap pictures from my thirty somethings birthday pictures but they're not on this computer. So we're left with one picture from last year. This picture was taken soon after my 33rd b-day.

It's kind of a goofy picture which is fitting since I'm kind of a goofy person. I was a little nervous about eating my Surf n' Turf plate. My Surf was a little pokey.

Friday, June 24, 2011

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little boy in a big jacket

Last weekend we were in ruidoso for a wedding and got to be cabin mates with john's sister and her little Cutie. M was amazed by john's jacket. He wore it until he inevitably tripped and fell. Luckily he just fell into the sofa.

Don't worry family, I didn't laugh until I knew he was ok.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Vacation...

It's a beautiful thing. I love summer and I think summer loves me back. She gives me more sleep, more time to spoil myself and John, more time to see family and friends and she allows me to take time to appreciate what I do for a living.

I really do love teaching. I just also love a long break from it every year. Yay, summer.

Have you been watching The Voice? If not, you should start now. It is a fantastic show.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

it's summer time

Friday was my last day until August. It was crazy hair day. Color hair spray turned out to be crazy itchy.

While john and I were eating breakfast today he said he thought I should just take it easy today. I like that idea a lot.
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