Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Monday...again

Mondays just keep on coming. Remember when I came home from Hawaii and I said I had the aloha spirit in me? Well, it lasted for the rest of summer break and a few days after I started working and now it's gone...completely. I'm so sad about that.

So this week it's my mission to get it back. I love the aloha spirit. It makes everything (even lunch duty) a pleasant experience.

Looking at pictures like this one may help me to get back into the Hawaiian mindset...

Listening to Jason Mraz radio on Pandora helps too. Wish me luck in getting my alohaness back.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just some randomness and zip lining...

I've never really thought about what my favorite Adam Sandler movie is until Friday night when I was watching a little bit of the Wedding Singer on TBS and I realized that it's my favorite.

I love the part when Adam Sandler is in the bar with his friend and he's sad because he loves Drew Barrymore but she's getting hitched to someone else. The old drunk guy in the bar makes me laugh. He yells out,"You need a prostitute!" That's not appropriate Old Guy, but very very funny.

Later Friday night I had a dream I was talking to Michael Cera...

In my dream I poked him in the arm and told him I was really excited to see his movie, Paper Heart. I then told him that I love the characters he plays. He said that he thought people liked him in movies because he speaks in a monotone. I got all excited and said,"That's why I LOVE your characters!"

I'm still having technical difficulties with my camera is fine but uploading to the computer is the problem right now. Here's a picture I took last night with my phone...

Here's a picture I hadn't seen for awhile but I saw it when I was looking for my cell phone picture. It was taken last November. I think John looks sexy in it.

John took this video in Maui while he was zip lining. In case you're wondering, I did not take a video of myself zip lining. I don't think we'd still have a camera...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fit Friday...

I love Fit Friday...mainly because that means it's Friday. What a delightful day of the week. Definitely not as delightful as Saturday but still pretty fantastic.

I have to share with you what I've been doing for the last month for my strength training. It's been awesome. I feel toner. I definitely DO NOT look like Jillian but that's ok.

Ah to dream...

Click here to check out the routine. If you're up for something new I highly recommend it. It's the one that Evangeline Lilly from Lost does...or did...or at least endorses. I'm up for something new pretty soon too. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Strong Emotions...

Hi Friends. I decided for today that I'm going to list events from this week that are either of excitement or extreme disdain. They're in no specific order:
  • Embarrassment and shock over said statements about me as a teacher.
  • Relief when said statements weren't about me. (The statements were a misunderstanding anyway).
  • Sweating like a woman in a sauna every day. I'd like to have a day without that feeling.
  • Unprotected left turns...I have the pleasure of making these at least once a day.
  • Almost losing all of my Lester weight. Sorry if you don't know who/what Lester is. I'm too lazy to link it.
  • Having a student say to me,"I'm getting smarter huh?" How cute is that?
  • Eating breakfast for dinner courtesy of John. Tonight I came home to scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. How awesome is my husband?
  • Talking to my very excited niece about starting kindergarten.

    Here I am with the excited kindergartner back in July...

This week has been good but I'm kind of already ready for the weekend. Is that bad?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This week I found myself being baffled by what a student told his parents about was not good. I was told this information in front of five colleagues. Awesome. I stayed professional but my feelings were hurt.

To make a short story even shorter, it wasn't me he had been talking about. Phew. The parents now know that too. All is well once again in every part of this situation.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Highlights...

  • Watched the movie, "What Just Happened?" You can miss that one. It's just ok.
  • Ate way too much candy at the movie theatre.
  • Watched Inglorious Bastards. Most of it anyway. If you're familiar with Quentin Tarentino movies then you know that someone with a weak stomach can't handle watching every moment.
  • Hung out with amigos.
  • Shopped, shopped, shopped.
  • Domestic stuff.
  • Organized myself for the week.
  • Talked to the mama.
  • Was entertained by Hung and Entourage.
Weekends are awesome. I hope you had a great one and are rejuvenated for the week.

Here's a picture from my awesome summer...(I really am wearing a swimsuit)

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I think that most of you know that I'm a teacher...I've made that pretty obvious. I don't think I've made what kind of teacher I am too obvious. I'm a Special Education teacher. I work with students who have learning disabilities. In El Paso I did this at a middle school and now in AZ I work with elementary school students.

This is my 10th year teaching...yikes. I thought by my 10th year I would feel like a master teacher. I so DO NOT feel that way. Not even a little bit.

So far this year has been going pretty well. It's only been two weeks but hey, things could have started out rocky but they didn't. My students are awesome. They usually are. When I do have stress at work 9 times out of 10 it's not about my students.

(This picture has nothing to do with the post but I thought my post needed a picture.)

Every year I have students who are just neat young people with very special and unique personalities. Last year I had a lot of really funny kids. This year my students are just so sweet and happy. I mainly work with the 4th and 5th grade students and my Resource partner works with the younger ones.

I'd say I'm pretty happy with my job even though I never thought I'd be a teacher. I wanted to go more on the counseling route but I get to do that some too.

Maybe when I grow up I'll be a counselor.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Almost back on track...

Hi Everyone! I think after this week I'll be somewhat back to normal on my posting. This week not so much. I had a really good week but it didn't leave much time at all for blogging or reading blogs.

Until I start taking pictures again I'll leave you with this...

Have a great weekend! I'm really excited for tomorrow because it's calorie day and we're going to see the new Brad Pitt movie. Oh and I'm going shopping on Sunday. I see very pretty clothes in my future.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time Management....

I need to get me some of that. Where does the time go? How come I had time last school year to blog more? I'll take any tips you have. I'm thinking maybe on Thursday I'll have time to catch up on my blog reading...sorry blog friends...I've missed reading about you.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Highlights...

  • Watched 500 Days of Summer...Tracy Morgan really isn't in the movie...too bad, I think he would have added some comedic flair to the flick.
  • Didn't eat the chocolate chip pancakes at Chase's but I really really thought about it.
  • Helped friends move in the blazing inferno that is Arizona.
  • Got free plates from our moving friends. We call them our happy plates because they're colorful and...happy.
  • Had cheddar peppers from Sonic. They're not called jalapeno poppers there...sorry John...didn't mean to ask you to order the wrong thing.
  • Swam for hours and played spider. John won. That's no small task.
  • Got some school work done.
  • Found some great pants for shorties at Kohl's...score. I love when I find pants that I love and don't have to have shortened.
  • Watched Hung and Entourage with John. Raise your hand if you love to watch Hung. If you have HBO you should watch it. Watch it on demand from the beginning if you can. Who knew I would enjoy a show about a male prostitute and his pimp so much? Not me.
I hope you have a fantastic week.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fit Friday Fit Friday...

Who cares? Sorry, I'm very pissy this week. I blame it on having to be out in the heat so much now that I'm back to work. Mom, I hope you don't freak out that I said pissy on the internet.

Today's Fit Friday is brought to you by the idea of picking a daily minimum that you'll exercise. I love this one. Like right now (it's Thursday while I'm writing this) since I'm so pissy, I'm telling myself that as soon as I finish this post I'll go get my minimum exercise done.

My minimum exercise (when it's not a strength training day) is to do cardio for 20 minutes. That's nothing. I can get that done with no problem. The beauty of it is that if that's really all I get done then my body is still pretty happy with me. However, once I get on the treadmill and get my 20 minutes done I almost always keep going.

Have a great Friday.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Last Saturday we went to dinner with our friends at a place called Shakespeare's. They thought we'd want to check it out because it's owned by the same people who own another restaurant which we LOVE. Our friends were right. Shakespeare's was great.

To show our excitement we posed for a picture...

I hope you're having a great week!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So far this week I've...

  • Had my clothes stick to me twice
  • Asked the question,"How was your summer?" 232 times
  • Gotten blisters on both my feet
  • Had a dream about how the two main characters in 500 Days of Summer met...I don't think Tracy Morgan is in the real movie
  • Found out some juicy past histories of friends that are hilarious
  • Daydreamed about Hawaii daily
  • Started thinking about our big 2010 trip-Disney World
  • Came to the realization that I really like David Cook's song Come Back to Me

Monday, August 10, 2009

Posts may be getting shorter...and shorter...and shorter

and shorter...until they're nothing. Just kidding. I love blogging but since I'm back to work I don't have the luxury of spending an hour a day writing and reading blogs. Over the summer I had all the time in the world but now that I'm working again my off time is precious. I'll do what I can and I'll keep up with my favorites =).

Hope you're having a great Monday!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm not that kind of girl...

Thankfully, we have a friend who is that kind of girl. Last night after a date of bowling which was soured by bowling next to people who would walk up when it was our turn, use John's ball and scream and jump into our lane, we got into our car that wouldn't start. Awesome.

I called our friend J to come pick us up and she said,"Want a jump?" Those three words have NEVER come out of my mouth. I don't know how to do that.

J jumped us-yay! I'm without wheels until Saturday-boo. Our friend J is one of those people who knows how to do EVERYTHING. Maybe I should follow her around for awhile with a pen and a pretty notebook. Then I would know how to jump cars, change my oil, start a lawn mower...

I didn't take pictures from our night but here's one from two nights ago.

I just realized that it's Friday and I didn't do a Fit Friday. I don't want to write another post so I'll talk a little fit. This week on Monday, Wednesday and today for my toning I've been doing a routine I found on Women's Health. They said if I do this routine for six weeks I'll look like some chick from the tv show Lost.

I probably won't look like her but yesterday was the first day since I first did it on Monday that I wasn't sore.

Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Going back to work...crap

How's that for optimism? Not so good, I know. It's not very aloha of me. I'm actually ok with going back to work tomorrow...kind of. I just thought a title with the word crap in it was a way of sticking it to the j-o-b.

I like my job and my students are always awesome. I'm just not a fan of waking up when it's still night time like outside, having to be groomed and dressed by 7:30 (at the latest) and having to wear real shoes. Oh, and recess duty in 110+ degree heat is also pretty lame.

I'm looking forward to a lot too and I am very thankful to have a job.

I wish Kita could come with me.

Four Letter Words...

On Monday night I decoupaged these letters onto one of our outlet covers. I was very specific with the letters I chose. I was wanting to spell four specific four letter words. I'll give you a free puppy if you know what they are.

(Disclaimer: If you do know the four 4-letter words I will just think you're very cool. The promise of a puppy was for entertainment purposes only.)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


John and I were talking about our home this weekend. We love our home. That's a really good thing because we'll be here until we are senior citizens and we qualify for AARP discounts. Seriously.

We decided that we need to always have a project going on our house. We came up with several lovely ideas. We haven't started any but we did decide that we're going to buy new pots the next time we get paid. Is it bad that the bottom of the inside of our Teflon pots are lacking Teflon these days?

If we get blessed by the money fairy our first major project is going to be new flooring. Do you have any suggestions for some gorgeous flooring for us to pine over? That's our only criteria. It needs to be gorgeous.

This song came on while I was writing this post. I like it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

No More Top 10 Monday...

If I feel inspired to write a top 10 list I may still write one from time to time but I don't really want to write them every Monday any more. So no more Top 10 Monday for now.

Today is my last work free Monday for a long time. Boo...I mean yay. I start back to work on Thursday and students start back next Monday. So my days of leisure are extremely numbered.

I can't really complain because summer has been very sweet to me...probably my best summer EVER. However, getting back into my work routine may take a little time. I'm good at time off. Aren't we all?

Well, I'm off to take some advantage of my remaining time. I'm going to finish my post with some pictures from Friday night. We were on a party bus for our friend's surprise birthday party planned by her husband.

Have you ever been on a party bus? If you haven't you should do it when you have the chance. It's a fun time.

Happy Monday you guys. Have a great one!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday Wishes...

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday sweet Joey...Happy Birthday to you!!!

In your one year of life you have already brought so much joy to all who love you. Your Uncle John and I love you very much and wish we were there to give you hugs today.