Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So far this week I've...

  • Had my clothes stick to me twice
  • Asked the question,"How was your summer?" 232 times
  • Gotten blisters on both my feet
  • Had a dream about how the two main characters in 500 Days of Summer met...I don't think Tracy Morgan is in the real movie
  • Found out some juicy past histories of friends that are hilarious
  • Daydreamed about Hawaii daily
  • Started thinking about our big 2010 trip-Disney World
  • Came to the realization that I really like David Cook's song Come Back to Me


Katie said...

I want to go to Disney World! That sounds like so much fun!

Dreams2009 said...

Awww hahhah. Haven't heard that song yet, I'll search that now ;)

Annie said...

you get to go to the happiest place on earth!?!
no fair! i envy you and your vacations!
sorry to hear about your blisters...hope everything else is going well ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope your first day with kids went well.Be careful with the blisters,they can get infected very easily.