Monday, August 3, 2009

No More Top 10 Monday...

If I feel inspired to write a top 10 list I may still write one from time to time but I don't really want to write them every Monday any more. So no more Top 10 Monday for now.

Today is my last work free Monday for a long time. Boo...I mean yay. I start back to work on Thursday and students start back next Monday. So my days of leisure are extremely numbered.

I can't really complain because summer has been very sweet to me...probably my best summer EVER. However, getting back into my work routine may take a little time. I'm good at time off. Aren't we all?

Well, I'm off to take some advantage of my remaining time. I'm going to finish my post with some pictures from Friday night. We were on a party bus for our friend's surprise birthday party planned by her husband.

Have you ever been on a party bus? If you haven't you should do it when you have the chance. It's a fun time.

Happy Monday you guys. Have a great one!!!


Annie said...

The bus looks fun!
You are too cute in that last pic!

The GVZ's said...

Ah, man. But I LOVE top 10 Monday!

Natalie said...

I sometimes feel the same about Flashback Friday- I'd like to give it up. It can be a lot of work for me- especially if I have to scan pictures.