Saturday, August 22, 2009


I think that most of you know that I'm a teacher...I've made that pretty obvious. I don't think I've made what kind of teacher I am too obvious. I'm a Special Education teacher. I work with students who have learning disabilities. In El Paso I did this at a middle school and now in AZ I work with elementary school students.

This is my 10th year teaching...yikes. I thought by my 10th year I would feel like a master teacher. I so DO NOT feel that way. Not even a little bit.

So far this year has been going pretty well. It's only been two weeks but hey, things could have started out rocky but they didn't. My students are awesome. They usually are. When I do have stress at work 9 times out of 10 it's not about my students.

(This picture has nothing to do with the post but I thought my post needed a picture.)

Every year I have students who are just neat young people with very special and unique personalities. Last year I had a lot of really funny kids. This year my students are just so sweet and happy. I mainly work with the 4th and 5th grade students and my Resource partner works with the younger ones.

I'd say I'm pretty happy with my job even though I never thought I'd be a teacher. I wanted to go more on the counseling route but I get to do that some too.

Maybe when I grow up I'll be a counselor.


Katie said...

that's so great that you love your job, and that you are able to help others :)

p.s. funny picture

Blasé said...

We need more Teachers,especially like my 5th grade teacher. Wow, she was a hottie. I'll never forget her.

off switch said...

very cool. thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

I always knew that you would be great at whatever you chose as a career. Those little darlings in Az. are lucky to have you in their corner.

Emily said...

I think you are fabulous for doing what you do. I obviously have a child with special needs.... and we LOVE people like you! I want to be like YOU when I grow up!