Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Highlights...

  • Watched 500 Days of Summer...Tracy Morgan really isn't in the movie...too bad, I think he would have added some comedic flair to the flick.
  • Didn't eat the chocolate chip pancakes at Chase's but I really really thought about it.
  • Helped friends move in the blazing inferno that is Arizona.
  • Got free plates from our moving friends. We call them our happy plates because they're colorful and...happy.
  • Had cheddar peppers from Sonic. They're not called jalapeno poppers there...sorry John...didn't mean to ask you to order the wrong thing.
  • Swam for hours and played spider. John won. That's no small task.
  • Got some school work done.
  • Found some great pants for shorties at Kohl's...score. I love when I find pants that I love and don't have to have shortened.
  • Watched Hung and Entourage with John. Raise your hand if you love to watch Hung. If you have HBO you should watch it. Watch it on demand from the beginning if you can. Who knew I would enjoy a show about a male prostitute and his pimp so much? Not me.
I hope you have a fantastic week.


Katie said...

Moving in the heat sucks! Glad you got to spend some time in the pool though!

Katie said...

p.s. I left you a little something on my blog!

Annie said...

too funny...billy and i LOVE hung! haha!
we always watch that and entourage as well ;)

Dreams2009 said...

Did you like 500 days of summer? Wondering if I should catch it in the theater or wait till it's out on video...

Your weekend sounded fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for helping us move. I am so glad you took the dishes. It's nice to know they went to a good home and not some randome shelf at Goodwill.