Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This week I found myself being baffled by what a student told his parents about me...it was not good. I was told this information in front of five colleagues. Awesome. I stayed professional but my feelings were hurt.

To make a short story even shorter, it wasn't me he had been talking about. Phew. The parents now know that too. All is well once again in every part of this situation.


Katie said...

uh oh! That sounds bad any way you look at it! Glad you got out of it :)

The GVZ's said...

Yikes. Glad it wasn't you, but good job staying professional (hard when your feelings are hurt, I know).

Natalie said...

I'm very curious about what was said and who it was said about. Will you tell me at my birthday dinner next week?

Annie said...

oh no! :(
glad things turned around though.

Anonymous said...

I hope that mother felt like a fool and that she will get all of her facts straight before she makes a complaint about any teacher in the furture.