Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Highlights...

  • Watched the movie, "What Just Happened?" You can miss that one. It's just ok.
  • Ate way too much candy at the movie theatre.
  • Watched Inglorious Bastards. Most of it anyway. If you're familiar with Quentin Tarentino movies then you know that someone with a weak stomach can't handle watching every moment.
  • Hung out with amigos.
  • Shopped, shopped, shopped.
  • Domestic stuff.
  • Organized myself for the week.
  • Talked to the mama.
  • Was entertained by Hung and Entourage.
Weekends are awesome. I hope you had a great one and are rejuvenated for the week.

Here's a picture from my awesome summer...(I really am wearing a swimsuit)


Dreams2009 said...

Omg I saw Inglorious Bastards this weekend too. I had my eyes closed half the time! LOL

Katie said...

I can't handle bloody/scary movies, so I will probably stay away from it haha.

Hope you have a good day at school!

Annie said...

glad you had a great weekend!
i also really enjoyed hung and if only entourage was an hour!!

Anonymous said...

I love your hat and sunglasses.