Friday, August 14, 2009

Fit Friday Fit Friday...

Who cares? Sorry, I'm very pissy this week. I blame it on having to be out in the heat so much now that I'm back to work. Mom, I hope you don't freak out that I said pissy on the internet.

Today's Fit Friday is brought to you by the idea of picking a daily minimum that you'll exercise. I love this one. Like right now (it's Thursday while I'm writing this) since I'm so pissy, I'm telling myself that as soon as I finish this post I'll go get my minimum exercise done.

My minimum exercise (when it's not a strength training day) is to do cardio for 20 minutes. That's nothing. I can get that done with no problem. The beauty of it is that if that's really all I get done then my body is still pretty happy with me. However, once I get on the treadmill and get my 20 minutes done I almost always keep going.

Have a great Friday.


Emily said...

Hot sun makes me pissy too! Sorry to your Mom if she doesn't like that I said pissy!
It's so true about the little work outs. I always tell myself, "just do 20 minutes." I almost always keep going... Have a fabulous weekend.

Alicia said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad week :( Some days it is really hard to get started on a work out (I am not as disciplined as you are with your daily minimum) but I always feel so much better afterward.

off switch said...

sorry your week sucked... i remember the days of being in grade school in those first weeks of the year - and all i can say is "i'm sorry." i hope it gets better soon. have a great weekend! ;)

Anonymous said...

The P word is fine, just don't get any worst.
Not freaking out yet,