Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just some randomness and zip lining...

I've never really thought about what my favorite Adam Sandler movie is until Friday night when I was watching a little bit of the Wedding Singer on TBS and I realized that it's my favorite.

I love the part when Adam Sandler is in the bar with his friend and he's sad because he loves Drew Barrymore but she's getting hitched to someone else. The old drunk guy in the bar makes me laugh. He yells out,"You need a prostitute!" That's not appropriate Old Guy, but very very funny.

Later Friday night I had a dream I was talking to Michael Cera...

In my dream I poked him in the arm and told him I was really excited to see his movie, Paper Heart. I then told him that I love the characters he plays. He said that he thought people liked him in movies because he speaks in a monotone. I got all excited and said,"That's why I LOVE your characters!"

I'm still having technical difficulties with my camera is fine but uploading to the computer is the problem right now. Here's a picture I took last night with my phone...

Here's a picture I hadn't seen for awhile but I saw it when I was looking for my cell phone picture. It was taken last November. I think John looks sexy in it.

John took this video in Maui while he was zip lining. In case you're wondering, I did not take a video of myself zip lining. I don't think we'd still have a camera...



NicNatJo said...

The reason you like Adam Sandler movies so much, is because you are married to another version of him. John reminds us of Adam Sandler sooooo much, and you remind us of Drew Barrymore, so your a perfect match!!!

My three favortie Adam Sandler movies are:

50 First Dates
Wedding Singer
Billy Madison

Anonymous said...

Great random post.Loved the viedo.

Katie said...

haha John's video is great! I really want to zip line!

Annie said...

aw, the picture of you and john is so cute!

great video! lol!

hope you had a good weekend :)