Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chosen Craziness

So my life is crazy busy right now but I won't complain. I won't complain because I'm not upset about it and I've chosen all of the crazy business to be in my life.

I will tell you that yesterday totally made me nervous and I'm so happy it's over. I had my last co-teaching lesson which was observed by three people and one of these people had a video camera set up. That was nervous situation #1.

Nervous situation #2 was for class last night. We had a final paper due and we had to do a 5-8 minute presentation. My plan was to volunteer to be the first speaker so I could just sit back and relax for the rest of the presentations. Great plan. However, it's me we're talking about.

What order do you think I got speak in? If you said "dead last" then you would be correct. Someone got to our professor before class started and nabbed the #1 spot. After that the order was randomly chosen by the speakers choosing numbers. These numbers corresponded with our names. My number was the last one to be called. That's my luck in a nutshell.

For your visual entertainment I included pictures from my powerpoint presentation. The first picture represents a teacher-student interaction. The second picture represents a teacher-teacher interaction and the last picture is one that didn't make the cut but I like it a lot. As you can see, I went the professional route.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Take Two

Many of the pictures John and I take together come in a pair. The reason is that when the first picture gets taken he feels it's necessary to do some sort of weird face.

Exhibit A...

This second one is much less weird...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Wedding Weekend...

I think I've been to at least a million weddings and I've cried at all of them. Weddings make me very emotional. John's brother's was no exception. I was a big bawl baby.

A first from my brother in law's wedding happened at the reception. I cried during John's toast. I've never cried during the Best Man toast before.

The wedding weekend was oh so much fun but now I'm oh so tired and without John again. (Mom, don't freak out I just posted that I'm alone on the internet. I have Kita to protect me...and the alarm is set.)

John is in California for work until Thursday. After this trip I hope they let him stay home for awhile. Being home without him is definitely not my favorite thing.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time for an update...

Hello hello.

Here's my update since my video post where I promised more blogging and then didn't deliver. Sorry about that.
  • I have done tons more homework since my last post...I have tons more.
  • Ate Easter dinner with John after I picked him up from the airport. We had Easter tacos.

  • Watched a very scary movie that invaded my dreams for a night. I warned John it would. He felt bad.
  • Had my two year anniversary from losing weight.
  • Was called a Nerd and told to shut up by a student. It was pleasant.
  • Spent another weekend without the hubby. He went to spend a bachelor weekend with his brother who is getting married this weekend.
  • Went to get an oil change today and was duped into spending $106 for "necessary maintenance".
  • Will be going to John's brother's wedding this weekend. It should be a fun time.
  • I just deleted one of my bullets and added this one. When I read John my post he said I crossed the TMI line. I agreed. If you happened to have read my blog within five minutes after my original posting then I apologize. I hope I didn't shock you.

Hope you're doing fabulously.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

This is what happens when John leaves town (he's in Boston for the j-o-b) and I've been doing hours upon hours of homework. I think I kind of sound like either I've been partaking in illegal substances or drinking adult beverages. I haven't been doing either...promise.

Just in case you're wondering...that's Pretty in Pink in the background.

Happy Easter!