Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Horn frogs for a day

My mom and step dad came in on Sunday so we could all go to the Fiesta Bowl last night. Their team (TCU) played Boise State. Mom brought us some purple so we wouldn't be conspicuous.

I think we still looked like a couple of posers. John isn't clean shaven enough to be a true TCU fan and my hair isn't very blond. We still cheered and did the horn frog hand gesture. It didn't help bring a win.


Natalie said...

I went downtown yesterday to get my H1N1 shot at Michael's work. I stopped at In N Out burger by ASU to pick up some food for us as one last holiday splurge before I'm back on the diet bandwagon. That place was crawling with people in purple. To show you how with it I am, I had to call Michael and ask him why all these people in purple were walking around. He said they were TCU fans, to which I replied, what the hell is TCU?

Katie said...

but did you do the WAVE?!