Monday, January 10, 2011

So far in 2011...

Here's how 2011 has started out for me:
  • New Year's Eve DD success.
  • Goals set for the year-not resolutions.
  • Went in for my appointment to see if Lester has friends (I was supposed to go in August-oops). Well, he does have friends BUT they're much smaller than Lester was. I really will go back in three months like Doc wants.
  • Have been back to work for a little over a that all?
  • Gone to the movies to see Black Swan. Never thought that would happen because it just looked too scary. I liked it.
  • Have uttered the words,"You're a boy, not a pig. Please stop oinking."

I hope 2011 has started off great for you.


Tania-Dreams2011 said...

Black Swan commercials look scary...
Sorry about Lester, I just went to the doc today to ask for a ultrasound to checkup in there, she said no. (I went for one in June, she told me to wait boo) Hope Lester and his friends go away!

Natalie said...

Damn it Lester. You are not a welcome visitor.

You forgot to add:
-Served on the planning committe to throw one kick ass shower.