Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paid to Swing

I read last night that activities like swinging are great for kids with attention/behavioral needs. Today I went to the playground three times with three different kids to try this out. It was a lot of fun. Lucky for me each kid wanted me to swing with them.

Have I ever told you that I LOVE to swing? I really, really do. It's not a lie.


Natalie said...

That's an awesome day. I often feel that way when I do coloring activities for following directions- I'm getting paid to color. I love it.

Nita_Gilger said...

I am just wondering if swinging would help me with my behavior needs? If it would, I bet a swing would go up right away at the ranch. The vote would be unanimous.

The GVZ's said...

I love to swing too. I remember how much I loved to swing really, really high and then jump off. But I am too chicken for that behavior anymore.