Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cirgue du Soleil

Last Friday night as I was walking through the San Jose airport, someone was invading my personal space by walking extremely close to me. Odd things like this are not so out of the ordinary for me. Sometimes it's like I'm wearing a cloaking device or something. I ignored the person until I felt their arm around me. I looked up and John was laughing. I started laughing too.

We immediately went to the show from the airport. While I was waiting outside of the tent for John to use the restroom a bunch of women who didn't speak English came up to me and were pointing to their tickets wanting to know where their entrance was. I thought it was strange they were asking me because there were so many other people around and there were also people who actually worked there that could have helped them. Unfortunately I couldn't help them. It was confusing for me too. So they left me and went to someone else for help...John. He walked out of the restroom and they went right up to him.

How strange is that? Out of all the people they could have gone to they went to John and me. He wasn't confused so he was able to point them in the right direction. I guess we just have that, "I know my way around a circus tent" kind of look to us.


The GVZ's said...

I am so sad I no longer live anywhere near San Jose.

DreamTNM said...

Hahahha that's funny. Hope you had a good time!