Sunday, October 13, 2013

Football and Bra Shopping

My Saturday consisted mostly of watching (sleeping through...perusing the internet...putzing around the house) football with John.  He has become quite the fan.  He's really pretty mellow unless it's our alma mater (Texas Tech) playing.  Then he gets really vocal.

You would never imagine that this sweetheart gets to cursing when his boys aren't playing super awesome.

Today we turned off football and went bra shopping.  Mama needed some new support.  I find bra shopping to be very overwhelming.

Luckily my choices were narrowed by the fact that instead of a bra with regular straps, I needed one that was more like a sports bra or one with racer back straps.  That's on account of the weird, itchy rash that's broken out on my back where my straps are at.  

Don't worry, thanks to google I've narrowed down my symptoms.  I definitely have Mrsa...or a flesh eating virus.  


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Natalie said...

I'm glad that you took my advice about the racerback and I'm glad you wrote another post.

Now, take some more advice and get yourself to the doctor to get that back checked out.