Monday, June 7, 2010

On Saturday night we went to our friend Blaine's cd release party/concert. He has a website which is of course John calls him that from time to time.

I don't often post pictures of my friends on here but I'm doing it today.

These are two of my friends who I met at work. L and B. B is the other Resource teacher at my school. She's soon to be the only Resource teacher. We don't have enough students for two teachers any more so she's going to be the lone Ramone Resource teacher. I'm switching over to self contained. That's a story for another post but I'm really excited about it.

This is B was trying to avoid getting her picture taken again but I'm too quick for her.

Here I am with Weird Face. He loves it.

Blaine's genre of music is folky. I think it's just one shake away from being country. He's very talented and things just keep getting better and better for his career. Well, there was this guy there that was really feeling his music. He was dancing like he was at a Rave. It was pretty funny but distracting. We took video of him for a little while. I thought that the video I uploaded to my post was him but it's Blaine. I'll upload Crazy Guy another time.


Katie said...

the eye balls in the chair fabric is kinda creepy!

Lauren said...

Great pics. You have permission to use my name and pictures on your blog. :-) I'm officially going to start blogging about my adventures in fostercare (of cats and dogs). And - all from my iPhone. I'm getting more tech savvy. They'll be slow at first, but I think it will all pick up. Yay!