Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Can't Be the Only One

According to John, I'm very weird. I do weird things, I have strange thoughts... basically I'm just a big ole weirdo (not to be confused with psycho). Don't worry, he loves my weirdness. He thinks I'm cooky.

I can see some weirdness in myself. I eat cream of mushroom soup out of the can, I make to do lists based on feelings, I only do things in even numbers, I start to dance if anyone around me lays a beat, I have a SEVERE irrational fear of needles (and cats) and I WILL NOT go to sleep with a sharp object in the vicinity.

I think that most people have some weirdness to them. For instance, if you can't have your food touch, you're a little weird (you know who you are).

The picture above is weirdness for the Phoenix area...what is that gray matter in the sky?


Natalie said...

Everybody has weirdness like that. You are not the only one. Just look at me and my list making.

I had been loving the grey skies at home. Then we came to Tucson. Guess what? Grey here too. Yay!

Tania-Dreams2010 said...

ahaha weird is cool! You must be so fun to hang with :) heehee. I'm weird too, I'll scream a song out of no where when the husband and I are watching TV lol and my sister and I annoy my mom by talking like babies and dancing around... I'm 29 not sure if that's normal ahahh!