Sunday, February 12, 2012

So Far in 2012

Today I uploaded all of the pictures I've taken so far in 2012. I think my mind is getting fuzzy because my intention was to upload my pictures from my weekend in Horseshoe Bay. However, once I started uploading I was like, "Oh yeah..."

So my pictures from my weekend will be in another post. Hopefully not four months from now.

This picture is more for my amusement. I should have taken a picture of the tiny drawer all of these socks came from. I had helped John clean out his sock drawer and it was like clowns emerging from a tiny car. We just kept pulling out more and more socks.

This is our new pool table. Our rental house has a big room when you first walk in that could be for a formal dining room and living room. Since we don't really have a need for such a fancy space we filled it with something John has always wanted but we never had enough room until now.

At the end of January we flew to Dallas to spend the weekend at John's sister's house. Danielle's son M was celebrating his second birthday so we headed out to help celebrate and to meet our three week old niece. S is super sweet. She makes a lot of quiet little noises.

A bunch of family was there for the weekend, including John's Grandma Alice. We discovered that we are jacket twins. I also discovered that I need to do something about my shiny forehead.


Natalie said...

Well welcome back stranger. Michael was actually asking me recently why you no bloggy? Not the exact words he used. He'll be happy to see this. That jacket twin picture is awesome.

The GVZ's said...

Hooray, you are back! Now more, please.

DreamTNM said...

Glad you are back!!! Cute pics!!