Friday, July 31, 2009

Fit Friday

I spoke to a friend recently who is gorgeous but is wanting to lose some weight. She asked me how I stay motivated. Now that really is the key to healthy living isn't it? We all know we need to eat healthily and exercise. We don't always do that though.

There's some people out there (I'm not one of them) who eat like they're fourteen and never break a sweat and somehow they're not over weight. Their insides may not be too happy with them but physically there's no problem.

For the rest of us we need to stay on track. So I'll answer the question of how I stay motivated.

Well, I really do a few things for that. I've said it before (probably many times because I tend to repeat myself) but I truly take my health one day at a time.

This keeps me from beating myself up if I've missed a workout or indulged too much the day before (ie combination Mexican food plate at Julio's on Tuesday). This also helps me from telling myself things like,"I won't workout today but I'll do an extra hard workout tomorrow."

I just focus on the day. I can do anything for a day.

Last year for motivation and for some laughs, I glued John's and my faces on Brad Pitt's and Jessica Simpson's bodies and taped it up in our exercise room. I think maybe we threw it away because I can't find it but here's the pictures I used for us...

What keeps you motivated?


Emily said...

Those are some hot pictures! Hmmmm... what keeps me motivated? Driving on a bumpy road and feeling the jiggle... that keeps me motivated. My four kids and hubby... I want to be around for a long time!

Natalie said...

I just recently bought some software that allows you to cut and paste body parts from different pictures. I might take your idea and paste my head on my ideal body. I don't want to be skinny. Just skinnier. Does that make sense? Who could I use? Maybe me at 15 actually. Ha!