Sunday, July 19, 2009

Top 10 Monday

Since I've been back from Hawaii I've had the aloha and vacation spirit inside of me. I love it. I hope it stays forever...especially when I go back to work in August.

Even though I'm not back to work yet (I'm a teacher) I've had my aloha spirit tested but I've still maintained. I don't think it's been tested ten times since we've been back but here's the top ways so far...(I'm going to throw some Hawaii pictures in too...they help to show why I have the aloha spirit).

(This was taken at Black Rock on the beach in front of our hotel. Every night at sunset a guy lights the torches and then dives in.)

5. I was the only person on the plane back from Maui who didn't get any sleep...and the lady next to me was the ditziest lady ever born.

She had a bunch of charms on her flip flops and one of the keys fell off. I handed it to her and said it fell off her shoe and in a Minnie Mouse voice she said,"I don't think so," then proceeded to make fun of me to her daughter.

Ditsy rude lady. I was annoyed so I tackled her.

4. I need four new tires by Saturday.

(There he goes.)

3. I had a pain in my belly yesterday for 8 hours and after googling my symptoms I was convinced I had appendicitis. John thought it was a pulled muscle. He put Icy-Hot on it.

2. I came close to heat exhaustion when I was outside with John while he was working on our crazy air conditioner. It was seriously at least 112 degrees when we were out there.

1. Our air conditioner stopped working the day we got home.

(This was on our sunset dinner sail on our last night.)

So I guess my aloha spirit has only been tested five times. Not bad. Don't you just love how you feel when you come home from a great vacation? Me too.

Update: I think the Icy-Hot worked. Thanks Johnny.


Katie said...

That lady on the plane would have made me crazy! And the picture of you and John on the boat is really cute!

Team Eliza said...

Love the pictures . . . .in my next life I think I would like to have the job of the guy who lights the torches then dives into the water . . . seems like a low stress happy job.

Also glad to hear that the icy - hot worked!

Natalie said...

How weird and suspicious- our air conditioner broke too. The day we left for Pinetop. It was 105 degrees IN our house when we got back. $150 dollars later and we're all fixed and cool again. Now the toilet is leaking, the eucalyptus in the front yard blew over, my mother's day teee in the back yard is in the process of falling over and our house stinks and we can't figure out why (although it was 105 degrees in here for a week and that probably isn't great for house aroma). I haven't been in Hawaii for almost 3years and I think my aloha spirit has been murdered or at least severely beaten.