Saturday, November 21, 2009

The the fun

I loved watching The Graduate last night while outside in my coat, in a lawn chair. It's truly a great movie and the atmosphere was super cool. We're going in a few weeks to watch Elf. This time we're going early to stake out a close spot and we'll pop a squat...or chair.

I have a picture from last night of us but there's always someone in a group picture that doesn't want their picture posted on the internet. This time it was John. I must admit it wasn't his best picture but he's still studly.

Here's me from about three minutes ago. We're at home watching Texas Tech play. Well, John's watching. I'm multi-tasking.


Team Eliza said...

your night in the park sounds like so much fun - you know you could still post your park pictures - just cut John out and repalce him with a picture of Brad Pitt! Ha :)

Katie said...

you go girl! I'm so happy everyone was able to make free x-mas cards :)

Natalie said...

Michael is requesting more info about Elf in the park. He's interested.