Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fantastic Day

I think that even if most of my day had been terrible I would answer, "Great" if you asked me how my day was today. It's how it ended at work. One of my instructional assistants brought in a bunch of kid cd's today so we played a couple. Oh my goodness. That's when you couldn't wipe the smiles off any of our faces.

We danced and sang along to songs for about twenty minutes. We'll call it social skills. They were so happy. They danced together, they danced with us, they cheered each other on and made each other laugh. It was a fantastic time, truly.

One of my students isn't as big on the music as the other kids. He hid under the table. So he got to play Monopoly Jr. (social skills and math skills) with one of my other instructional assistants.

The kids were so happy with the time we had that they asked to do it again tomorrow. I just love their sweet personalities.

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Natalie said...

Ahh- that is a fantastic day. I can totally picture them dancing away. And don't forget- dancing is a gross motor activity as well. Very important.