Saturday, September 18, 2010

Too much

Sometimes I think about getting rid of my facebook. I really think I may just do it. I don't even spend all that much time on it but even still I feel like it's a big time waster. I'm connected to a lot of people on there but really, if I disconnected today I would still be able to be in contact with the people I really care about.

I don't know. A lot of times I say that I miss the simplicity of the 80's. If I wanted to talk to a friend I would have to call them and talk to them. If they weren't home I would have to call them back later because nobody had an answering machine.

I somewhat enjoy looking at my friend's pictures online but even this gives me a little bit of an empty feeling. I'd rather be in person with someone flipping through an actual album and listening to them tell me about the pictures.

I think facebook is a little bit of a fake. It seems like a great way to keep in contact with a lot of people but you're not really in contact. I never get the same feeling after being on facebook that I do after being in contact with actual people.

So if you're one of my facebook friends and that's how you get to my blog, then now might be a good time to bookmark it. I may be pulling the plug pretty soon.


The GVZ's said...

See, I love FB for the exact reason you don't like it--I want to secretly stalk people I have no interest in having an actual conversation with!

Natalie said...

I have found that limiting my friends on facebook makes me feel better. I don't ask to be friends with people I only slightly knew in high school and I don't accept friend requests from them either.

Just last week I got an email from a friend saying she is cancelling her facebook for the same reason as you. I wonder if facebook is about to face a big backlash.

P.S. Today was so fun. Can't wait for the October get together that I so callously stole from Lauren.