Friday, March 14, 2014

Household Happenings

A couple of weeks ago John and I decided to do a puzzle together.  It was going to be the first puzzle we've ever done since we've been married.  I sat in the chair next to him and successfully found 3 pieces of the 1000 piece puzzle.  John, you're welcome.


After he placed the very last piece I asked him, "So, what puzzle are we going to do next?"  He laughed and said, "We?"  I told him that I just need a little bit of a less complicated one for our next one.  Maybe one with 500 pieces.

After watching a Nate Berkus video I decided that our guest bathroom needed some refreshing.


I didn't realize what an undertaking it was going to be.  I'm not done yet.  All of our old stuff coordinated and our new stuff doesn't.  So I guess I'll be forced to do some more shopping today to pull the whole look together.  

I also need to take the steamer to the new curtain and get one of those sticky mats to put under the new bath mat.  John almost fell into the bathtub yesterday.  I was in the kitchen and I heard him yell out, "Mare!!  Our new bathmat almost made me eat sh#@!"  Oops.  Sorry, John.  


Here's Kita taking a forced rest on the runner outside of our bedroom door.  This is not one of her normal places to nap so I'm pretty sure she fell down and decided to stay there.  Poor mama.  On a high note, her new medication is helping her to not get up in the middle of the night and relieve herself on the carpet under the pool table...#1 and #2.   


I'm sad to say that today is the last day of my Spring Break.  I made a doctor's appointment for today to just check me out and make sure everything is running smoothly.  I HATE going to the doctor.  It's good for me so I'm going.  I need a treat after my appointment for sure.  


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