Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I'm Back...Maybe

In the fall I added a blogger app to my phone and did some posts until my phone freaked out, stopped working and then I had to get a new phone.  Well it's Spring Break and I have decided to give the app another try.  

Here's the most recent pictures from my phone. 

Last Friday John was the best man in our friend James wedding to a very sweet woman named Rebecca.  I wasn't in the wedding so while they were taking pictures afterward I sat on a patio drinking wine by myself when a man at the resort came out to hit on me.  What??  It's been so long since I've been hit on that it took me a minute to realize that's what he was doing.  Being a fan of fidelity I immediately used the phrase,"my husband". 


John's speech at the reception was pretty unique and funny.  Everyone was laughing but the end of it was really sweet.  It was his third time being Best Man at a wedding and his seventh time just being in a wedding.  It's awesome but that means I have to go to the ceremonies alone and sit by myself. 

On Saturday my buddies came over to celebrate National Craft Month with me.  We decoupaged tissue paper cut outs to glass candle holders.  As it turns out I'm extremely slow at this process.  Everyone else was finished about an hour before me.  I'm not even done in this picture.  The whole back of my holder needed to be finished but we needed to get our group picture done before Brenda and Joni had to leave.


John had to go to El Paso at the last minute on Saturday morning and wasn't going to be able to come back until Monday.  So on Sunday evening Natalie and her sweet family had me over for some deliciousness.  I'm impressed that Natalie can handle the grill.  I have only used the grill once and that was under close supervision.

On Monday morning I met Lauren at IHOP for breakfast.  I had her take this picture of me so I could send it to Eliza.  We had decided that since we were both eating at IHOP on Monday morning that we would send each other pictures of ourselves with our breakfast.  Eliza looked much cuter and excited about her breakfast than I did. 


Last night we had dinner with sweet baby Liam and their parents, Jodi and Carl.  I had a completely gluten free meal and two gluten free beers.  John says it was the worst beer he's ever tasted.  To me it just tasted like beer.  I decided yesterday that I'm going to try being gluten free for two weeks to see if it helps me.  I have diagnosed myself with Celiacs disease.  I have no idea if I really have that but I'm going to the doctor on Friday so I will discuss it with her.

I really love being on Spring Break.


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The GVZs said...

Mare! Do NOT stop eating gluten before you are tested--it will eff up the results. Eat normally until your appt.

GF beer is the worst.