Monday, November 17, 2008

Never say never...such a cliche but so so true!

I couldn't even tell you when the last time I got sick was...well before this weekend. On Saturday night we were having dinner with our friends Carlos and Alicia who had both been sick and were both well again. I proceded to say "I never get sick". My fate was sealed! Throughout the evening I felt worse and worse. It started with a very sore throat and that stuffed up feeling where you can't breathe through your nose. Not too fun. Except for the whistling sound my nostrils make when I do try to that's a good time. I spent the rest of my weekend in and out of slumber with my very sweet husband at my beck and call. He's pretty good at it. He did everything for me from making sure I had clean clothes for work to medicating me every four hours. I'm almost back to normal. Well, normal in that I'm getting out of the sick funk. I even went to work today. Don't worry, I made no physical contact with anyone. I gave my students air high fives!

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