Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lamp Man

A week before Halloween two friends of mine from work hosted a costume party. It was such a good time! John had a difficult time deciding what he was going to dress up as. He's not usually one to dress up in a store bought costume but there were some funny ones we almost bought for him! The night before the party he still didn't know what he was going to go as. After many discussions between us and others the decision was made...he would go as a lamp! We didn't have a shade big enough so we went to Target. We were in the lamp aisle having him try on different shades not even thinking how this probably looked to on lookers. A woman behind John saw what we were doing and she said,"I think that one looks great!" We bought the shade and went home so he could fashion up a light. Who wants a lamp that doesn't work?

He was definitely the only lamp at the party. He was both funny and functional!

He filled in places where there was no lamp, provided light in dark corners and gave ambiance when needed.

John made a great lamp!

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