Sunday, March 22, 2009

Healthy Competition

Friday night we took John's dad to Dave and Buster's for some food and fun. We definitely had both. John decided to play a game called Jumping Jack or Jacks. A light would go around and you have to jump when it gets under you. When you're successful it will light up a letter. He got the letters J-U-M.

We all thought that was pretty pathetic so we tried to beat him.

Here's Jim, he went into this very confidently...

but he didn't beat John. He got a J.

Megan's (sister in law) turn...maybe she'll beat John's J-U-M.

Nope. She got J as well.

I wasn't all about this jumping game because it makes your whole body jiggle but I was determined to make John cry like a little girl with my jumping skills...

I jumped and got a J and then again and got a U...but I didn't make it to M. Congratulations Johnny, you are the winner. We were no match for you.


The GVZ's said...

You and I understand each other. We both like to make our husbands cry like little girls.

Anonymous said...

Tell John congrats for me.