Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wedding Weekend...

There's a good friend of John's who lives in the area and he got married yesterday. John was one of his groomsmen so it was a full weekend of activities. They were all very fun but we're tired.

Here's the recap:

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner. We forgot our camera so here we are at home after the dinner. Kita doesn't always get the concept of getting her picture taken...

The wedding was at a beautiful chapel in central Phoenix. Then the reception was at a resort close by. We were living it up for sure. They even had a photo booth. When I feel anti lazy I'll scan our pictures from the booth so you can see those.

Here's me from the end of the night. Just kidding...they had a potato bar with a guy making potato martinis and John thought this would be a funny picture.

The reception was a lot of fun and so was the people watching. Check out the tall guy.


We watched that guy for awhile. He was awesome. He did the robot.

Today was a brunch at the bride's parents' house. Again we forgot the camera. The brunch was amazing. Their backyard overlooks downtown Phoenix and their house is the biggest, nicest house I've ever been to. The brunch was like going to a swanky country club for Sunday brunch but instead it was at someones home. They even had a smoothie station. I had an apricot and honey smoothie.

Back to the real world tomorrow. Awesome.


Natalie said...

I LOVE the outfit you wore to the wedding. It's interesting, pretty and flattering. We missed you at the party last night, but I'm glad you had fun at the wedding.

Team Eliza said...

I agree with Natalie . . . your dress is adorable!!!! And John looks very handsome in his tux . . . .sounds like you guys had a fun weekend!

Katie said...

I'm jealous of the photo booth! I LOVE THAT IDEA!!!

And your dress is so cute!

The GVZ's said...

Your outfit is great and the potato martini idea is awesome. I could drink potato martinis every day!

John Maxfield said...

It was a beautiful wedding weekend. There was lots to do, but it was a lot of fun. Its nice to dress up once and a while. I wish they had that brunch every week! Man, I'd settle for an omelet station. I have to get that guys name. We should have him come out to our house every week.