Thursday, October 15, 2009

Too cool for school...

Yesterday I got a lot further on my application process for the graduate program. I also had a freak out moment where I got a little over whelmed (I do that).

My freak out moment first started when I received the information that I need to take the GRE earlier than I was already scheduled for. I was going to take it on November 20 but now I'm scheduled for November 9.

I also have to contact one of my college professors to write me a letter of recommendation (requirement). I graduated ten years ago and didn't keep in contact with any of them. That's going to be awkward.

Here's the t-shirt I stole from John after the concert on Friday.

I should have said yes when he asked me if I wanted my own. I guess we'll have to share.


Tania-Dreams2009 said...

Cute T-shirt!

I think it is totally ok to freak out!

I do the freak outs too. It's almost like I need to freak out in order to really get on track. It's weird LOL

Natalie said...

You'll probably find actually doing your graduate program to be easier than applying.

If it'll help, I can pretend to be your professor and I'll write a letter.

"Maryellen is awesome. Accept her. Or else."

Sound good?

Maryellen said...

Haha...that's perfect.

Katie said...

good job on working on your app. It will be so worth it in the end! Have a nice weekend :)

Anonymous said...

I hope your first day back at work was fun.