Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bath Robe Betty

I think my sister and maybe my mom are the only ones of my readers who have seen Bath Robe Betty in person. I LOVE her. BRB will be around until she becomes nothing but rags.

Um, do I have a bald spot?


Natalie said...

I am love, love, loving all these new posts. I have missed your blog since you started grad school.

Love the bathrobe. I have a sock monkey robe I'm fond of. I wore it on Christmas morning so anyone who reads my blog has seen me in it.

Katie said...

I love robes, they are the best thing besides my feetie pjs haha

The GVZ's said...

I have a bald spot. It is from getting my head stuck to a vacuum cleaner when I was 12. Did you ever hear that story?

Maryellen said...

I never heard the vacuum bald spot story. I'm very, very curious.


Nice robe--plus I love anything pink! So how was the movie?

Thanks for coming over and wishing me well. It's important to know people are thinking of me! I'm okay so hopefully everything else will come out normal!!!
Have a wonderful week.