Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Darn Benadryl....

On Sunday night I had big plans of hanging out with John. However, Benadryl had other plans. Here he is pretending to take a snooze on the Snooze sofa.

Here he is five minutes later. There's no pretending in this picture.

I then took a picture to document what time Benadryl took John away from me. It's hard to tell but it's 7:55 pm. Do they make a non-drowsy version I'm unaware of?


Natalie said...

We give Spencer benadryl every night (for his allergies and eczema). It never has made him sleepy. He's immune to it. John could maybe try claritin or zyrtec.

I also love that you have a snooze sofa. We used to have one of those too. It's the longest sofa on the planet. I think it was like 120 inches long.

Katie said...

Benadryl works so well, but it INSTANTLY knocks me out!! It is a catch 22!