Monday, March 8, 2010

Pizzeria Bianco

Ah, the famous Pizzeria Bianco. It was definitely more than just a place to eat pizza. It was an experience for sure.

Our experience started with joining our friend Blaine in line half an hour before it opened. He had gotten in line for us an hour and a half before it opened. Three of us jumping in line with him elicited the stink eye from a couple a few spots behind us. It looked like they wanted to throw down.

Here we are in line before it opened.

Here we are after it opened. This isn't our table. This is where we waited an additional two hours for our table. We knew the wait would be very, very long so we were prepared. Our group was very entertaining and the time went by fast.

Guess what we found when we got to our table? Something so exciting. Egg art. Hot dang.

Soon after the egg art excitement our table was able to enjoy the excitement of it finally being pizza time.

Pizzeria Bianco is a very unique place and I'll remember the experience forever. However, there's a lot of places with great pizza that don't require hours and hours of your time. So here's the million dollar question: Is Pizzeria Bianco worth the wait? Absolutely...once.


Annie said...

after seeing all these ADORABLE pictures all i'm thinking is you two would make some cute babies!! ;)

glad you two enjoyed your dinner!!

Natalie said...

This post is the text book answer for why I'm scared to go to that place. And damn them, no take out. Maybe someday......

Katie said...

that is an insanely long wait! But glad it was worth it and you had fun :)