Friday, March 5, 2010

Date Night and Weird Belly Buttons

Hola. My interview went as well as I expected it would. My thoughts were completely jumbled and even I couldn't understand my points. Maybe I need speech therapy. Natalie, do you do pro bono?

Tonight Johnny John and I are going out on the town. We have reservations for dinner. Hmmm...a place that requires reservations...maybe I should stop blogging and change into something a little nicer than jeans and my five dollar top from Kohl's.

Now about the weird belly buttons. I totally have one. I haven't always had one but ever since my surgery in January it's felt a little strange. I thought it was scar tissue and I was relieved that each week it was getting better.

However, yesterday it felt pretty tender in the belly area so I felt around and it feels really freaky. I'm afraid to call the doctor because I think it's probably very normal. I will probably google it. Do ya'll know anything about scar tissue and how long it hangs around?

I'm off to go primp for my date. I'll take the camera tonight so I can start including pictures again.

Have a fabulous weekend.


Natalie said...

I would do pro bono for you, if I thought you needed speech therapy. You don't. I just have one word for you. Janelle. There, I've made my point.

Do you see the time on my comment time stamp? I started working on Amy's shower when I got home from work on Thursday. I slept for 6 hours and then started again this morning. I'm freaking tired. But it's going to be a great party.

Anonymous said...

Mare ,if you think your belly button is strange call the doctor .That's her job.

Annie said...

i say call the doc! there is nothing wrong with asking about it.

hope your date was fun!! :)