Sunday, August 1, 2010

Freegan Awesome

The other day on Oprah she had some people on there that were Freegans. Have you heard of Freegans? I hadn't until the show. In case you're like me and didn't know, I'll tell you. They're a group of people that are anti-consumerists. They feel like our country is driven to over consume and that we're very wasteful.

Freegans are against materialism and are more about living a life of only taking what they need. They also have a strong sense of generosity and community.

I'm pretty much down with the whole freegan thing except for one thing. Freegans dumpster dive for food. I know the food they salvage is actually still packaged and untainted but still...they jump into dumpsters. I couldn't do it.

It's made me start to think about all of the things we have that we don't need. We have so much stuff that is great but we don't use. Why not go through it all and give to people who will use it? So I'm doing that. I've already gone through a lot of our stuff and bagged it up. We made a big trip to Goodwill on Friday to give stuff away and we already have some boxes that are filling up again.

When I see something that someone I care about would like then I'm tagging it for them. So if you start getting random things from me then you know why.


The GVZ's said...

I expect to receive a purse hooker very soon. :)

Katie said...

I agree, that is a good philosophy except for the food part

Natalie said...

I also very much agree with that philosophy except for the food. Sometimes I am shocked at the things I feel I need to buy. Really- another $10 t-shirt or a pair of earrings? It's too much.

TSG said...

Put me down for any extra bowling balls or that mysterious "orange drink" you had in your fridge.

Team Eliza said...

So I recently took a chair that one of my neighbors had left out on the curb . . . . I guess that means I am part of a movement now! Go Freegans!

Anonymous said...

Now you're talking.Remember my "golden rule" if you have not wore it or used it in a year ,get rid of it.Shopping rule in order to buy something you must need it,love it,and be able to afford it.