Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's a Freegan Miracle

I logged on to blogger tonight and noticed that I've written 399 posts. This one makes 400. I think it's time for a give away. Freegan style.

So one lucky winner will get to choose an item from the newest box of freebies we have in the works right now. That's right Ladies, and Tim, you'll be the proud owner of crap...I mean a one of a kind treasure from our house to yours.

Just leave a comment to enter for this awesome give away. I'll randomly choose a winner on Friday. I don't want to get anyone too excited but there's a whole baggie full of googly eyes in there. I'm a little sad to give them up but I haven't put googly eyes on anything since I made Natalie a pickle man. Since that's been a few years now it's probably time to pass them on to someone who will put them to use. That someone could be you.

Don't worry, if you're not into googly eyes there will be lots of other one of a kind treasures to choose from.

In your comment please write one of these options:

Option 1: Pick one item from the box. (I'll include pictures on Friday-I'm not done adding to it).

Option 2: Surprise me.

Good luck!


Natalie said...

Surprise me!

P.S. I still have the pickle man. He's in Spencer's room. I still chuckle every single time I look at him.

Pretty as the Morning said...

I love a good surprise and I love google eyes, so either way its a win to me!

Anonymous said...

Surprise me.

Team Eliza said...

I am up for a good surprise!

I know that you will be able to find a good home for the google eyes because any one who has a toddler knows that google eyes bring hours of entertainment!

The GVZ's said...

Hells no. I want to pick!

Katie said...

Surprise Surprise Surprise! Congrats on 400 posts!

Tania-Dreams2010 said...

Yeah 400 posts! Keep em coming!!! :) Surprises are fun!!!