Saturday, August 28, 2010

So Special

This school year our special education team has completely changed. Two of our teachers are staying home with their babies, our speech therapist is tackling new opportunities and my Resource partner and I no longer "live" together out in the boon docks of our school. So, we miss each other.

In order to not lose touch we've decided to have a get together at least once a month. Last night was our August get together. We painted ceramics. I hope they had as much fun as I did because I had tons of fun.

Before we went I was convinced that I wanted to paint something for Halloween. Then when I was looking around the store I saw this really cute plate that said, "My first birthday". It made me think of the Special plate from when I was growing up. It was a family tradition that on the most important days such as birthdays or winning an award that the special person was served with the Special plate. I loved it. I would ask for it.

My mom has our family's plate so I decided that I would make one for John and me. It started out just looking very blue.

After I wrote the message I wasn't sure what to add to it. The girls suggested that I put something in the middle that means something to both of us. I decided to paint a turtle because of our pet turtles in the backyard. Just kidding. The turtle represents our trip to Maui.

Our new plate will be ready in a week. I'll show you how it looks after it's all fired up. I'm excited.


Annie said...

AW!! your plate is SOOO CUTE!! :)

i hope all is wondering pretty lady!!

Tania-Dreams2010 said...

Love your new family plate!