Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not so Funny

I think a lot of things are funny. Like the new NBC show trailers (Outsourced I think). Those are stinking hilarious, especially the one where some lady tells the telemarketer that she's wearing her birthday suit and he gets excited for her and says, "Happy Birthday".

I don't think it's funny when our thermostat reads this...

That's very unfunny. The air conditioner guy better get here soon or he'll be walking into a naked household.


Natalie said...

That suuuuuuuucks! The night that Spencer fell in the shower in Vermont the thermometer read 96 degrees inside the house. Not the thermostat, mind you, because there was no AC at all.

If you need a cool place to stay, pack on up and come stay with us. You could be here in 10 minutes and I'd have an iced tea waiting for you.

Team Eliza said...

YIKES!! Hope the AC repairman got there before naked time started!!

Maryellen said...

Thanks Natalie. That sounds pretty delightful. We have a window unit that we put up in our room when this happens because it seems to happen once a summer. This time there was no fixing of the air conditioner. We're getting a new one installed either today or tomorrow.

Home-owning sucks sometimes.

Jen, naked time was on it's way. He got lucky.