Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

John's mom really wanted a picture of us looking at each other by the fireplace. I actually have several shots because she just couldn't get the framing right. It was pretty funny. This one was my favorite.

Here's the Christmas Eve bunch. John's sister is now in her ninth month and she still cooked a full on meal for us. In fact, she cooked the whole time we were there. It was amazing. We felt bad but she wanted to do it and there's definitely no arguing with a pregnant woman.

Our two days in Dallas were lots of fun and we were so happy to be able to spend some of the holidays with part of John's side of the family (his side is really big). I only had one complaint. Pregnant women (at least our pregnant woman) are always hot. Their place was brrrrrrrr.


Katie said...

Joshs mom made us take an awkward fireplace picture before too!

Natalie said...

Very cute fireplace picture.

I thought I was going to catch on fire when I was pregnant. Just spontaneously combust. I thought it would be better once I was no longer pregnant. No such luck. I didn't re-set my internal thermostat until I weaned Spencer when he turned 2.