Saturday, December 12, 2009


This morning when we were finishing breakfast we heard Kita doing a growl/purr that she does once in awhile but it kept on. I looked over to where she was and she was peacefully growl/purr. Uh oh.

I followed the sound over to our dining room and heard something going on behind that wall. This is where I played my girl card and sent John to investigate.

He went into the garage and came back a few minutes later to report there was a squirrel in there. Uh, we've lived in Arizona for almost five years now and have NEVER seen a squirrel. I told him that I hoped it wasn't just a rat with a bushy tail.

He went to Ace Hardware and talked to a guy who is in the know and in fact it WAS a rat with a bushy tail. We have a pack rat in our garage. He BETTER BE SOLO or I'm going to LOSE IT.

Here's a relative of the effer who is making it impossible for me to get into my car without John going into the garage with me.


Natalie said...

I agree- ewwwwww. Have you really never seen a squirrel in AZ? I see them all the time.

Katie said...

ahhhhhh!! Gross! I hope it goes away!

Maryellen said...

Well, now we have seen a squirrel because that's what it is after all. John got a really good look at it yesterday.