Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Holidays Have Begun

Friday was my last day of work for a couple of weeks. My last day was a whirlwind. I just can't believe that the school year is half way over.

I hope the second half doesn't go as fast as the first one did but they always do. Most of my students are fifth graders so they'll be going to middle school next year. I know I won't be ready to say good bye to them. I've worked with a lot of them for several years. One I just got this year but from the very beginning she captured my heart.

My holidays got started off with a winter Solstice party. I'm not used to having my camera usable so I forgot to take any pictures until we were leaving. This is a picture of my friend J and me after the Winter Solstice party.

On Monday night we did something we've never done since we've lived in Phoenix...zoo lights. As my friend Lauren says, it's something you have to do at least once. It's really a neat thing to do but there's people EVERYWHERE.

John was protecting me from a giant spider.

My favorite animal was the peacock.

Well my friends, I'm out for the holidays. John and I are flying to Texas tomorrow to spend time with a lot of family. I'll have lots of pictures and stories to share when we get back.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!


Tania-Dreams2009 said...

Zoo lights looks cool! and fun!

Have a happy holiday. I look forward to your posts and pics when you get back ;)

Katie said...

what a cool peacock! Merry Christmas!!!