Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Wrap Up

I'm pretty sure this is the most pictures I've ever put in one post. There's sixteen pictures in it. Not really, there's only seven.

On Christmas day we went to Ft. Worth to spend Christmas with my mom and step-dad.

My crazy aunt and uncle were there. My aunt is especially crazy...crazy in a good way. Crazy in the way that she makes you laugh until your stomach hurts.

The day after Christmas Mom and Dick drove us to their house in the hill country outside of Austin where we met up with my sister and her family.

The girls went for a little walk. You can admit it, Eliza is a ten on the cuteness scale.

I love this picture of John and me even though we're ghostly white in it and I have no hands. I have no hands...I have no hands.

Our last night there we drove into Austin with my sister and her husband to listen to some music. Before the music Jen, John and I met up with our cousin Amy for dinner. This cousin makes me laugh like my aunt does.

This last picture was taken on our last morning. I had to give good bye hugs shortly after this photo was taken. Boo to good bye hugs.

So that was a brief description of our Christmas in Texas. It was fabulous but now I need a three month nap to recuperate.

Happy New Year!


Katie said...

how are you so pale if you are from AZ!?!?!?! haha never mind I can't really talk, I'm ghostly pale and I live in CA! haha

Anonymous said...
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Natalie said...

Looks like an awesome day. I am tired just reading about it. I also think that you and John lost weight over the holidays. You're looking good. It makes me mad/jealous.