Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day One...The Realization that Humidity Blows

Our first day was at the Animal Kingdom. We hadn't realized how much we were not going to love the Florida humidity until we decided to spend a whole day in it without much relief.

It wasn't all humidity misery that day. We got to go to the Tree of Life to see the Tough to Be a Bug show. It was really cute.

We even got to be honorary bugs...

Everest was also pretty awesome.

We ended our day in humidity torture by watching Nemo the musical. It's about a 45 minute musical they put on at the Animal Kingdom. It was a really neat thing to see.

Our day was so sticky and uncomfortable that by the end of it we really needed a nice and refreshing adult beverage. Our hotel had just the spot.

Notice the lady behind us? We noticed her too that's why we asked the bar tender to take this picture.

If you or anyone you care about has a shirt with a big whole in the back please tell them to rethink the decision to wear it in public.


Katie said...

bahahahaha her shirt is hideous!!

Team Eliza said...

1. You guys are such whimps! Humidity - schidity . . . welcome to our world!

2. When Eliza saw your picture with the bug glasses on, she said "Aunt Mare is raccoon!"

3. Since holes in T shirts are not appreciated by you . . . I guess I need to return your Christmas gift!

Natalie said...

I'm going to copy your sister and number mine as well.

1) When I was in graduate school one of my classmates was from Pensylvania. She used to always complain about how dry Colorado was. I was always bitching about how humid it was. She wanted to know my definition of humid. I said anything over 15%.

2) A Bug's Life is my 2nd favorite thing at California Adventure. My favorite, favorite, favorite thing ever is Soaring Over California.

3) That shirt is AWESOME. There just aren't words for it. I may get one for the 1st day at my new job.