Saturday, July 24, 2010

Half Way Through the Vacation Re-Cap

Day four was filled with homework and water racers. There was nothing racey about these bad boys. People walking next to the water were faster than we were. You think I'm joking.

The most exciting part was when a water taxi went by and tsunamied us. We were completely soaked. That included our underwear. It was a fun walk back to our room.

That night we ate dinner at a British pub on the water in Epcot. We had a front row seat to Epcot's fireworks. It was awesome. Disney puts on great shows.

Don't we look so relaxed?

Wouldn't you know that the fireworks display and the music played during it made me teary? I'm a sap for sure.


Natalie said...

You do look relaxed. Maybe it's the fireworks. Maybe it's that the woman behind John has a normal, non-revealing shirt.

Katie said...

who doesn't love some went undies??

The GVZ's said...

You look soooo relaxed. I love it.