Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winding Down the Trip

I'm combining days five and six.

For day five we went to Epcot during the day and saw a lot of really neat things. We saw this guy swimming around in an aquarium. He's very cool but not as cool as the one John and I swam with last summer in Maui. Aw, Maui.

There was one tank that held two dolphins. That was kind of weird. I don't think they liked it. One of them was trying to break through a little gated window into another tank that had another dolphin in it. I think they wanted to have dolphin relations. The other dolphin looked like it was humping the wall.

On day six we went back to Hollywood Studios to ride Toy Story, Tower of Terror and the Aerosmith roller coaster again. I didn't grab any strangers that time. Afterward we went back to the Magic Kingdom one last time for the sole purpose of riding Space Mountain. We just couldn't imagine leaving Orlando without getting this classic in.

Results: Space Mountain is weak. It's a must do on your Disney vacation, but it's very weak. I think I only screamed for comedic effect. John thinks my screaming on rides is very funny.

The chocolate covered strawberries on Mainstreet USA are not weak.

That night we ate dinner at a restaurant at the Grand Floridian. It was definitely grand. Our menus said, "Happy Anniversary." How sweet. Our anniversary isn't actually until September but this trip was our anniversary celebration trip.

That was probably one of the best dinners of at least my life. The food was incredible and so was the view. We had an even better view of the Magic Kingdom's fireworks than we did the first night we watched them. The restaurant even had the music playing from the show.

I think we're getting old. Some of our favorite times from our trip was when we were at dinner.


Katie said...

aww that was nice of them to do something special for your anniversary!

Natalie said...

Vacations are totally different as you age, but in a good way.

Spencer is totally in love with the turtle picture. We will return to your blog 84 times today to look at him.

The GVZ's said...

Ha. I used to love Space Mountain. It sucks that it now sucks.

Anonymous said...

Your comment about dinners reminds me of G.D. Was your service delightful too?